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Couples Counseling in Wallingford, CT

If you want to try and nourish your relationship with the help of Wallingford, CT, couples counseling, you can turn to the practice of Michael Reiss, LMFT. We’re passionate about helping couples communicate and grow. If you and your partner have hit a rough patch in your relationship, we may be able to help you move forward in a healthy direction. Our goal is to help you find constructive and effective ways to voice your opinions and concerns to your partner. In addition, we’ll do our best to help you identify the roots of lingering tensions or anxieties in your relationship.

When you visit our office, you’ll be free to discuss matters related to trust, intimacy, hurts, expectations, and future goals. We’ll do our best to help you prevent today’s disagreements from fracturing your bond down the road. Reasons to choose Michael Reiss, LMFT include our:

  • Responsiveness to the needs of couples
  • Attention to detail
  • Extensive experience

If you’re looking for Wallingford, CT, couples counseling to help you give your relationship the attention it deserves, Michael Reiss, LMFT may be able to help. Don’t hesitate to call our office today to schedule your first appointment.